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                                                                          This is our electronic family album (Pete's Sons & families), hope you like it......  

    Family and Friends   

A Slice of Life

                                                                                                                     Fathers Day

                                                                                                                   Oahu visit Sept 2009

                                          Ray's Writings  ˚˚read about where we grew up ˚˚  Points to Ponder a little light reading for the mind   The Intersection of a Generation  a 'Degree' in experience .....

Canyon Milagro - Cabin building 10-13 Nov 2009

Tina's B-day Party 21 Aug 09

             Kyle's Pinning  &   LAPD Graduation

 'Beierly Ranch' Canyon Milagro Apr 2009

                   Canyon Milagro, Hunting Trip Nov 2007  

                 San Francisco visit 5 May 2007

                      Canyon Milagro, Guadulape County New Mexico  05' & 06' 

A Few Favorite Links

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