This entire site is dedicated to our Father, Mother and Brother.  It was not possible without the love, devotion to family, important lessons of where we came from, who we are today and where we are going. They taught us love, understanding, fortitude, acceptance and strength.  It's a small tribute we have to share with you - some written history and a pictorial history of us.  To my brothers, "all of you", you know what I'm talking's just love - it's  simple,...that's what they left us.  We are all One with the Sun, Goodness and Mercy help us understand love in Hard Times.  Remember, Practice what you Preach because they're with us Every Step of the Way.  We now understand Love, Devotion and Surrender.    Ray......Flame-Sky......Peace everybody.                    Frank

 Peter A. Beierly - Father - December 29, 1986

Genevieve Salem Beierly - Mother - May 8, 1984

David Paul Beierly - Brother - October 19, 1982

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"In House"  - A place where anyone can store and share written experiences and memoriesfamily5.jpg (15149 bytes)

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l. to r. Frank, Roque Jr., Ralph, Raymond, Joseph, David, Rebecca, Victoria

                                                                                                               Dave, Frank, Ray, Ralph                                                               Joe and Frank                                                       

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Family & Friends