These were mailed to me by George on 8/31/98
To us this first one has a picture in every line; must be why we are the way we are


  Mug Root Beer and Planters Peanuts
Cheeseburger, vanilla shake and fries
Sockeye salmon or halibut
Marrow bones and mungo beans

Get the tutong on the rice just right
If you smell it it’s too late
Got to have his cold pancakes
In camp before the early light

Tasters Choice coffee
His cup on a napkin with the handle at three
Sandwich bag crimped corner and corner
And folded into a vee

Gunsmoke and Lawerence Welk
Marty Robbins and Charlie Pride
Giants on the car radio
Sunday’s East Bay ride

Fresh tapioca pudding
Half a cantaloupe with ice cream
A flaky apple turnover
Or a slice of custard pie

Just a little visit
To shoot the breeze
In that respect
He was very easy to please

I have these memories
I hope you have some too
Cherish it all folks
And this is why

He always told us
"Pretty soon patay"




I just put the two together
The details had somehow
Slipped into the darkened areas
Where we should not visit.

Before he died, he had water
Running in the bathtub to ease some pain.
He said he was going to be okay
"See you later he said"

Visiting hours were over
And I was going to leave.
He asked for some water
Before I left.

I remember putting lots of ice,
He said he wanted warm water instead.
He asked me if I would come back tomorrow
You should have seen the look in his eyes
With his warm water

He eased back into his comfort area
He said he was going to be okay
"See you tomorrow he said"

Within hours of their death they both
Wanted water to ease them through
They both said they were going to be okay

like son, like father